Ak-47 Accessories and Parts

The Ak-47 and Ak-74 is probably the most recognized battle rifle today. Since the sunset of the crime bill it is now legal to assembly a semi-auto ak47 from ak-47 parts kits as long as section 922.r is in compliance which requires the use of 6 U.S. manufactured AK-47 component pieces. These specified Ak47 parts include the receiver, gas piston, pistol grip, butt stock, front handguard, flash hider or muzzle brake, trigger, hammer and disconnector. A semi auto Ak-47 with sufficient U.S. parts made be legal built from a commercial receiver such as the ones from Global Trades, Ohio Ordnance, Armory USA, Horn Custom rifle, MLS99, Ohio Ordnance Works, Ohio Rapid Fire, Krebs Custom Inc., AK USA Manufacturing inc., Arsenal inc., Marshall Arms, Vector Arms, Red Jacket Firearms, Firing Line, Robinson Armament Co., OOW, Ewbank Manufacturing and Vulcan Arms.

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